Welcome to your dedicated hub for the electrifying rhythms of Industrial Music, raw energy of EBM and the mesmerizing tunes of Synthpop and wave. Here you will find a collection of music, videos, and reviews of my favorite bands and artists.

Come, join us on a musical journey into the heart of the industrial soundscape, unearthing nocturnal beats produced by artists unafraid of minimalism, harshness and uncharted territories, their work steeped in dystopian narratives and avant-garde creativity.

Welcome to the soundtrack of the machine age. Let’s celebrate the power, provoke the system, and induce rebellion, and stimulate resistance… One track at a time.

Clearly, this is a safe space to enjoy beyond the sonic latitudes of industrial music.

How to use this website?

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You will find content in both english and spanish


Here is my Spotify profile, where you can find hundreds of playlist curated by me. Just need a bit of patience because I’ve got loads of private playlists.

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